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Energizing Minneapolis outdoor spaces at Identity Dinkytown

Claim Your Place,
Focus On You

At IDENTITY Logan Park, we provide dedicated areas for relaxation, fitness, studying, and socializing to help you define yourself and who you want to become.

24-Hour Fitness Center
Private Flex Fitness Room with Yoga and Fitness On-Demand
Tooftop Sky Lounge
Trellis Lounge
Sky Lounge with Kitchenette
Game Zone with Table Tennis
Fire Pite Coutryards

Discover the
True You

Elevate your heart rate in the Fitness Center, take in the views from the Sky Lounge, play a round with your crew in the Game Zone, or just watch the game in the Trellis Lounge.

  • 24-Hour Fitness Center
  • Private Flex Fitness Room with Yoga and Fitness On-Demand
  • Rooftop Sky Lounge
  • Trellis Lounge with TV, Fire Pits, and Grills
  • Sky Lounge with Kitchenette
  • Game Zone
  • Courtyards with Fire Pits

Close Your

Our high-end Fitness Center is open 24/7 and features everything you need to bulk up, trim down, and stay fit. Prefer working out solo? The Private Flex Fitness Room is the perfect spot for you.

1st Floor Retail
24 Hour Fitness Center

Get the Group

Gather your friends (and make new ones) to take in the panoramic city views, fire up a grill, catch the Golden Bears game, and spend the evening around the fire pit.

Just steps from UC Berkeley
Study Rooms at Identity Logan Park
Students studying at Identity Logan Park
Rooftop Dog Park near UC Berkeley
Drafting Lounge
Conference Room
Coffee & Breakfast Bar
Mail and Package Room
Bike Storage & Repair

Space to Study
and Relax

Caffeinate at the Coffee & Breakfast Bar, take your furry friend for a walk at the Rooftop Dog Park, then grab a study nook to hammer out that homework.

  • Group & Private Study Spaces
  • Rooftop Dog Park
  • Drafting Lounge
  • Conference Room
  • Coffee & Breakfast Bar
  • Mail & Package Room
  • Indoor Bike Storage & Repair
Pet-Friendly Student Apartments Near UC Berkeley

Bring Your
Best Friend

Our pet-friendly community makes it easy to bring your furry friends along for your college experience. Everything you (and they) need, right at your fingertips.

Identity Logan Park is steps from UC Berkeley campus
Rooftop Dog Park

Find your IDENTITY in Berkeley

IDENTITY Logan Park empowers you to make the most of your college experience. Get school work done, relax with friends, stay in shape, and become your best self.

24 Hour Fitness Center


Stay Healthy

Our 24-hour Fitness Center and Private Flex Fitness Room makes it easy.

Group & Private Study Rooms


Endless Places to Study

Group & Private Study Rooms on each floor as well as study nooks.

Lounges, Game Zone, and Coutryards


Make New Friends

Connect with other UC Berkeley students among the courtyards, lounges, or Game Zone.

1st Floor Retail


First Floor Retail

Chase Bank, Extreme Pizza, and Endless Summer Sweets on the 1st floor.

Student Apartments with Secure Garage Parking


Secure Garage Parking

Whether it be your bike or your car, we'll make sure it's secure.

UC Berkeley Mail and Package Room


Mail & Package Room

Accept deliveries any time (we'll keep that care package from Mom and Dad safe).

Sign To Receive $1,000 OR New Rates As Low As $3,399!

Exclusions apply. Contact the leasing office for details.


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